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Message: VIDEO - XR Immersive Tech $VRAR Has Built The ONLY Physical Portal To The Metaverse, Which Citi Projects As $8-13 TRILLION With 5 Billion Users By ‘30

VIDEO - XR Immersive Tech $VRAR Has Built The ONLY Physical Portal To The Metaverse, Which Citi Projects As $8-13 TRILLION With 5 Billion Users By ‘30

posted on Apr 11, 2022 05:21PM

If you didn’t believe the Metaverse economy was going to be a real thing, this headline should put your skepticism to rest … and get your DD going 

Citi Says Metaverse Economy Could Be Worth $13 Trillion By 2030 … From As Many As 5 Billion Users 

This is not a typo … $13,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) and 5,000,000,000 (Billion)

The problem for small-cap investors is that a market this big will be dominated by the biggest tech companies in the world and polluted by stock promoters who will be using this as a buzzword to lure investors. 


The good news is that there are some actual real Metaverse driven companies and XR Immersive Tech $VRAR is actually walking the walk by virtue of having already built and now commercializing the ONLY physical portal to the Metaverse.    

How have they done this?  $VRAR has built entire virtual reality worlds inside shipping containers that become immersive theme parks. Named UNCONTAINED it is officially the first and only physical portal to the metaverse.    

But rather than trying to explain it, watch these 2 powerful 60 second demo videos   




More than just a powerful smallcap metaverse video $VRAR is already shaking up the Metaverse world as evidenced by the following powerful success points:

  • 12 Letters Of Intent
  • 1 Letter Of Intent To Purchase 10 Unites
  • Development Partnership With $50 Billion Tech Giant HTC
  • HTC China President, Alvin Graylin, Has Joined The $VRAR Board
  • Recent Acquisition Of Synthesis VR
  • 300 VR Locations Around The World
  • 17,000,000 (Million) Player Minutes

Oh … and did we mention the team behind $VRAR is a blend of accomplished executives coming together under CEO, Tim Bieber (BroadbandTV, CBS Interactive):

  • Steven Dooner (The VOID, Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios Japan)
  • Kevin Williams (Walt Disney Imagineering, Spider Entertainment)
  • Dan Burgar (VRAR Association President, Shape Immersive)
  • Lance Priebe (co-founder Club Penguin, Disney Interactive)

Alvin Graylin, President of HTC China stated:

 “Since joining their board, I have been impressed with their level of enthusiasm and dedication to providing unique and extraordinary hyper-immersive experiences for their clients. I believe the development initiatives will unlock an exciting and deeper level of innovation to further propel their products and technologies”

In this powerful interview with CEO Tim Bieber, we discuss the following:

  • Next steps with the Synthesis Acquisition
  • Status update for UNCONTAINED Hyper-immersive attraction
  • Status update for HTC partnership
  •  Elaborating on Crypto Mining BETA program during UNCONTAINED downtime
  • Elaborating on $100,000 custom mixed media escape room for magician Chris Ramsay.

If you’re looking for a great small cap Metaverse Company, then watch this powerful interview with $VRAR CEO Tim Bieber.


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