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Message: Nice upward trend...

Nice upward trend...

posted on Jan 12, 2010 12:39PM

I can see JNY having another pop very soon, with the closing of the private placement should give the market confidence that JNY will be able to execute on there Charay production plan with the necessary funds.

The company has received there blasting permits and from talks with management they will be in Mexico late next week to possibly close a deal with a near by mill.

In addition assays will be out any day now.

News will be unfolding over the next month- with the PDAC mining show ramping up Journey will have lots to talk about with institutions. If somebody like a pine tree came in this stock would be at 20 cents in no time.

Expect something to happen with 5O tonne a day production....

DO YOUR HOME WORK - at these levels the possibilty for a share appreciate in the multiples is definetly there.

Entry is now ! $$$$$

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