Message: Another effort to slam LAC/Thacker Pass

rkeeb:  "So the 32 year old tribal member quit his job to camp out at the protest site. I'll bet there's more to the story than that. What was his job?"

rkeeb refers to Mr. Gary McKinney.

I don't doubt Mr. McKinney's sincerity for a second.  I have no idea what his previous employment was.  I believe that the convictions of those opposed to LAC's plan to mine lithium at Thacker Pass among the Native American community need to be addressed seriously by LAC and Lithium Nevada.  Nothing is to be gained by LAC or Lithium Nevada by underestimating that sincerity.

Mr. McKinney is featured in the following video from People of Red Mountain:   

Oregon Public Broadcasting published this 15 October article, linked below, that highlights Mr. Gary McKinney of the Duck Valley Reservation but it also contains quite a bit more, including bilateral views of LAC's attempt to bring to fruition a lithium mine at Thacker Pass.

Mr. McKinney has been quite active in the protest movement against LAC's plan for Thacker Pass, as evidenced in the picture from this article from earlier this summer:

McKinney was part of an NPR 4 minute soundbite:

Another McKinney quote can be found in this link:


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