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Message: Am I the only one here???

I have owned this stock for a while. When you read the 43-101 report and other documentation, this stock certainly appears undervalued. Their property at Marathon is in a great area already developed with pulp and paper and mining. The copper credits are enough to pay for the mining operations and the PGMs are gravy. They have an open pit plan that makes for cheap mining, their palnned production levels support high productivity with heavy haulers and large excavators. They are advanced with permitting and first nation and local relations. Seems like a no brainer to me.

In addition, they have a 50/50 jv with Mountain Lake resources who have a gold property in Newfoundland that is accessible and in an area that already has a copper zinc mine operated by Teck. This gold property already has a 43-101 showing 443,000 oz of gold. They are drilling as we speak to expand the deposit outwards and upwards. They have been very successful and the deposit does approach the surface which means it is quite likely that it will be mined initially by open pit. The company believes that they have a million oz. there which is significant. I would not be surprised to see a press release early next week because assays are done locally and are done very quickly.

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