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Message: Coverage - Mining MarketWatch Journal - v. bullish scenario developing in LAD.V

Recommended reading -- Mining Journal article on New Carolin Gold Corp.; http://miningmarketwatch.net/lad.htm to access full article online;

New Carolin Gold Corp.'s (TSX-V: LAD) (OTC: MDULF) Ladner Gold Project is located only 150 km East of Vancouver, BC, Canada, in the Coquihalla Gold Belt. It hosts 5 past producing mines and a high-grade underground historic (non 43-101) resource at the Caroline Mine of 728,429 gold ounces (2009 estimate of potential quantity: 5+ million tonnes grading 4.2 - 4.8 g/t gold, or ~1 million tonnes grading 8 - 9 g/t gold). LAD.V is advancing with plans to bring this historic gold resource compliant, and also prove-up the larger multi-million oz high-grade mesothermal Bralorn/Motherlode-type model potential.

The latent intrinsic value of the LAD.V relative to its current market capitalization of <$5 million (~74M shares outstanding X ~5 cents (~113M fully diluted)) appears to present exceptional opportunity -- bringing the 2009 estimate of potential quantity into resource will give LAD.V immediate intrinsic value worth several times the current market cap. Shares of LAD.V are poised for upside revaluation as the inherent value and accomplishments are appreciated by the market, and apt to respond in multiples as gold retrenches and strengthens.

This project is a highly coveted asset, and due to its desirability the property was essentially in abeyance for several years; despite LAD.V originally only having 10% ownership (now 40%), LAD.V was the controlling operator and owned 100% of the salient pieces that made the property functional to LAD.V alone (mine permit, environmental bond, roads, water licenses, etc.), the receiver for Century Mining (60%) and related Tamerlane (30%) held the balance. New Carolin Gold Corp. is at an improved level of relationship with the receiver for Century Mining, whom we believe is Deutsche Bank. The improved relationship will see LAD.V increase its ownership of the Ladner Gold Project to 100% and enable LAD.V to facilitate the exploration and development of the Ladner Gold Project. The receiver has acquiesced and the relationship is cooperative; the transfer of Tamerlane's interest to LAD.V in September-2015 marks a turn in the relationship -- LAD.V now owns 40% and there is an agreement in place whereby LAD.V only needs to provide ~$1,250,000 (remaining, however we speculate as little as $750K will suffice if presented) to Deutsche Bank in return for the remaining 60%, additionally Deutsche Bank has agreed to allow that money be applied towards exploration in exchange for 20,000,000 shares (at which time it will become the largest shareholder of LAD.V). Mining MarketWatch Journal estimates that a nominal capex of $1M is sufficient for LAD.V to push the project into 1 million - 1.5 million ounces gold with a mineable grade, this high-impact/low-cost program is facilitated by the high standard of historical drilling and associated database (600+ holes, ~50,000 m). There is also potential to prove up a new major gold zone adjacent the Carolin Mine in the process.

Recommended reading; http://miningmarketwatch.net/lad.htm to access full article online.

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