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Columbia, MD – March 15, 2011- New Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: NENE), today announced that researchers developing the Company’s proprietary SolarWindow™, capable of generating electricity on see-thru glass, have successfully achieved a three-fold increase in the number of solar cells layered onto glass surfaces -- a significant step towards maximizing power output.

Today’s accomplishment is made possible when researchers spray see-thru and semi-transparent electricity-generating coatings onto glass surfaces, in order to first create a working SolarWindow™ prototype. Working with this small lab-scale prototype, researchers have achieved three times more cell occupancy (active area per square inch) over predecessor prototypes. This increase in active area results from a new design.

“Generally speaking, the greater the number of see-thru solar cells we can arrange into contact on a given surface area, the greater the power output we can expect,” explained Mr. John A. Conklin, President and CEO of New Energy Technologies, Inc.

“This three-fold increase in the number of solar cells on our SolarWindow™ translates into a greater active area, and directly supports our capacity to increase power output. This achievement marks yet another milestone in advancing our technology from prototype to commercial product, and follows several significant technical improvements announced in recent weeks and months.”

Recently, the Company has achieved important technical advances, including last month’s debut of New Energy’s largest-ever working SolarWindow™, measuring one-foot by one-foot square. Earlier this year, researchers developed special materials for use in SolarWindow™, which could lead to improved efficiency, lower production costs and enhanced future commercial manufacturability.

New Energy’s latest accomplishment increases the cell count and active area of SolarWindow™, both necessary to increased power output and the development of an aesthetically appealing see-through glass window capable of generating electricity.

There are nearly 5 million commercial buildings in America, according to the Energy Information Administration, and more than 80 million single detached homes. New Energy’s SolarWindow™ technology is under development for commercial application in such buildings.

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