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Message: Shining Potential

Shining Potential
Noble finds Awaruite among Ontario Nickel and Gold
By Greg Klein

Awa-what? Awaruite—pronounced a-WHAH-roo-ite—is a naturally occurring nickel-iron alloy that might be described as naturally occurring stainless steel, according to Vance White, President/CEO of Noble Mineral Exploration TSXV:NOB. And the stuff bids fair to further enhance the company’s Project 81, which already offers not only gold and nickel targets but also timber rights in the Ontario’s Timmins region.

That’s not to say that anyone expects to mine shining pots and pans straight out of the ground. But, as White points out, “Awaruite lends itself to magnetic separation in processing, which can mean shipping a concentrate direct to steel mills without smelting. It has tremendous benefits from both an environmental and a cost standpoint. You don’t need the CAPEX or operating costs of a processing facility.”

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