Focusing on Bissett Creek Flake Graphite Deposit

Recently announced significant increase in estimated resources

Message: Elcora: Producing High Purity Graphite Right Now

Elcora Resources (V.ERA)is mining high purity 99.9% C, large to jumbo flake graphite right now. Elcora is in limited, 1-2 tons daily, production in Sri Lanka right now with a sort term goal of 5000 tons per year.

Elcora recently announced the acquisition of the operational equity stake in the Sakura Graphite mine. Elcora’s immediate plans are to construct an onsite graphite and graphene lab as well as a processing and refining mill.

The great graphite rush of 2011 on the TSX-V has led to many claims staked and many holes drilled. Discoveries such as Zenyatta’s unique hydrothermal deposit and Focus or Northern Graphite or Canada Carbon’s 43-101s and PEAs have driven the graphite market. The technology side with Lomiko and Focus leading the way toward graphene production and Eron Musk’s announcement of the lithium ion battery gigafactory has added real excitement to the graphite story.

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