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Message: Like I Said In An Earlier Post, FJ

POET is a company. A company that has grown in numbers with significant and disruptive technologies that are expected to disintermediate the telecom supply chain in the manufacture of fully integrated, 100G optical transmit and receive engines that meet 100G Ethernet, LAN, and WAN telecom standards. The largest optical engine segment expected to exceed $6B by 2021.

There is so much more that I could post about the depth that company now has. That short paragraph above is but one aspect of POET that allows me to sleep at night. There are so many parts to POET now that justify my continued focus.

By the way Blueocean, I did a quick scan of your posts since you joined 2 month ago and to be brutally honest there is not one post where I could say I am glad I read that. I learned something relevant about POET.


I have put you on ignore.

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