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AGORACOM Welcomes North Bud Farms Inc. Focusing On Sustainable Low Cost, High Quality Cannabinoid Production and Procurement for Pharmaceutical and Consumer Infused Products

  • Canadian regulatory door for CIP (Cannabinoid Infused Products) is opening in 2019
    As shown in other legal jurisdictions (Colorado, Washington, Nevada, California)
  • Infused products sector has become the highest margin segment of the industry
  • Positioned to be a raw input producer for this space
  • Currently working with multiple food, beverage and science companies to provide safe standardized cannabinoid infused raw inputs for large scale GMP manufacturing of products

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Message: Market Stabalisation

Last year the Annual Financial Statement and MD&A were released on April 3. The deadline is

April 30. The Annual Information Form was issued on April 17.

Q1 (financials to March 31) were issued May 11 with a deadline of May  30.

Contained within the MD&A are significant events and milestones which are updated to the date in which the report is issued.

POET might be timing these reports to co-ordinate with some expected milestones or developments so that they can include a broader picture within the accompanying operational update.


Interesting thought Oz re reporting both statements (if hat is what you were pointing to). I guess there would not be any reason they could not release both the Annual Financials along with the first quarter since the reporting window allows for that?


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