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BREAKING: Spyder Cannabis Enters into MOU with HighBreed Growth Corp. for a Proposed Reverse Takeover Transaction

  • Through its Israeli subsidiary HighBreed Growth Ltd., is building a cannabis cultivation greenhouses facilities in Israel with a total planned size of 500,000 square feet.
  • HBGC has signed domestic sale contract with an entity to purchase its production capacity
  • Israeli government announced that it would approve cannabis for export in 2019, and regulations are expected to be enacted in the 2nd quarter of 2020 to authorize export

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Message: New, External Production?

Ray Yao Ru Sheng, Manufacturing Manager and Senior Principal Engineer at Denselight, has updated his linked account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ray-yao-pmp/

"(under 2019 – Present) Developed and sourced new external production lines overseas to support new product manufacturing."

"set up and qualify overseas production and test operations in Thailand, China and Korea."

Production ramping up?

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