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Dear Mr. Jackie Boy;

Forgive me for responding so long after your original post, but I usually don't read your posts and if I do, they are the very last ones I read for amusment purposes only;

In regards to your prior comments about the agreement with the Chinese Consortium regarding, no plant and how long it will take etc. etc.

Did you forget that Poet currently has production facilities at the Denselight Plant which is going to be upgraded and improved and even more importantly, our co-developemnt/production agreement that is in place with Silterra's manufacturing facilitiy(s) which has the current capacity to produce 47,000 wafers monthly.

I would say that this would/should be ample production facility production capacity in the meantime, until the manufacturing plant is up and running in China......Would you Not Agree????????

Please go back over your research notes Jackie and do your own DD thoroughly before you inappropriately misinform the membership of this board with totally misleading and false statements.



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