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Message: A Big Thank You

I really like to assist to AGMs. No better way to get a feel for management and directors.

This year was my first for POET.  

So much informations were shared, I'll have to listen to the recording again.

SV presentation was by far the best he's done since joining POET.  From the info shared to the way he explained the tech.  He was solid!

Of course, the most interesting thing was to get to talk to David Lasovsky and SV after the meeting.

They are bright, calm and confident.  They're in control and know exactly where Poet is going.

The financial and technological aspects got derisked a lot over the past nine months.

It's now just a matter of putting the qualified components together, hence the comment from David :

..."so really the fourth quarter for us...for Rich Zoccolillo for myself for Suresh...that's when we open the floodgates"

I came out of the meeting more confident then ever! The next twelve months should reward Poet's sharholders!



P.S. It was great to meet members of the Agoracom community.  Very nice people.  Unfortunatly, I couldn't join the many sharholders who were going for a beer after the meeting.  I had to drive back to Montreal.  Maybe next year!

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