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Message: A new worry

Tannersfriend, there is a big difference between a hostile and friendly takeover.  In a friendly takeover the price is set, there is no buying of shares on the market before the deal actually closes.  Management may well go along with a bid that most here would find unacceptable, but whatever it is management agrees to, that will most likely be the price.  Those are the situations where management is offered a lot of perks for recommending the offer.  But if the price is too low, someone else will likely step up (hostile to management, white knight to rest of shareholders), if the tech is as promising as we think.

So, if the price of a friendly offer were $1.50, then the prospect of a hostile bid comes into play.  I wish someone would bid a buck, just to see if any other suitors, be they white knights or otherwise come into play.  If no one else bid, we'd all have a better idea of what POET might be worth in the market.  Same if another suitor or suitors bid, we'd finally find out what we're worth.

A hostile bid is unlikely to start things off, they are fairly rare.  It's just too early, too, as POET still has a ways to go.  But if the volume and price were to perk up, well, something good may be coming sooner than I think.  There's just no market evidence of that now.


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