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Message: Re: Written Strategy vs Agoracom Gossip

Because we should never let the facts get in the way of a good story...

GTR provides valid information. The discussions about Suresh’s role as a consultant are overblown. It is a common occurrence to have a leader of one company provide consulting services for a year or so. In this case it’s in everyone’s best interests. 

I believe Suresh to be a man of great pride in what he is building and he is not about to sell it short of its full value. He will either seek to develop it fully and have POET become the leader that he envisions, or else he will take as far as he can and then determine whether it should be acquired, sold off in pieces, or expanded in its role via partnership(s). The last thing he is looking for is a quick buck. If they achieve the success that they anticipate, we should be in for exciting times ahead. 

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