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BREAKING: Hollister Biosciences Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Venom Extracts With $16.4 Million In Revenue And $2.48 Million EBITDA


  • Venom is one of Arizona’s premier extract brands and one of the state’s largest producers of award-winning medical cannabis distillate and related products
  • Venom reported having generated CDN$ 16.4 million in revenue and CDN$ 2.48 million in EBIDTA from its product line of Cannabis Concentrates, P.H.O Concentrates and Cartridges

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Message: Ratio to Investment Return for DL Shanghai

Chr6is: "Since Denselight is no longer ours that 100 mil would have nothing to do with our stock price."

Why would they now need to build "a high-volume manufacturing plant in Suzhou"? DenseLight was, traditionally, running under capacity, so what accounts for this need of large-scale expansion?

Suresh at the 2018 AGM: We have intentionally, actually, not invested in growing in a dramatic way our sensing business, because we do believe that once the interposer is available as a platform it can be applied to our sensing products, and then we can start growing sensing with the basis of a differentiation and a competitive edge. Otherwise we are just marketing sensing solutions and competing on thinner margins as opposed to having a real competitive differentiation or competitive edge.”

The new high-volume manufacturing plant, although not POET's, will IMO be for the production of sensing products that offer competitive differentiation using POET's optical interposer. In that sense, Denselight Shanghai's success will still be our success. This also accounts for Suresh's advisorial role at DenseLight Shanghai. 



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