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Message: Huawei, Cisco, etc.

Dash8400: "I too am all for freedom of speech, but..."

I used to spend every morning at the local McDonald’s, drinking McCafes and fishing Monopoly game pieces out of the trash. I’d complain to every patron how the coffee there was garbage and they were better off going to Tim’s down the street. One day I was told by an assistant manager to take my business elsewhere. What a fascist echo-chamber that place was! At least I found a Mediterranean Ave., to pair with my Baltic, on a discarded 10-piece chicken McNugget pack on the curb outside.


As a note to my post on SiLC Technologies in off-topic, many of SiLC’s top employees are comprised of ex Kotura/Mellanox staff. As such it’s no surprise that POET’s director Jean-Louis Malinge knows all of them. I do wonder why, on Linkedin, Denselight’s vice president of sales & marketing, Soma Sankaran, is linked to so many at SiLC?


And take a look at Denselight’s Principal and New Product Engineer’s revised Customer list: “Customers: Huawei, Accelink, Bosch, Cisco etc, Automotive and Communication Industry.”



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