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Message: The disconnect....I think

To me it seems the confusion stems from one simple disconnect....

On the one hand it seems pretty evident that 2022 will actually be the year of announced deals, and dollars associated with those deals.  It may start late this year, but as with all things Poet I think pushing it out a quarter or so is reasonable.  This is good, and the share price is actually reflecting this ( it wasn't that long ago we were trading at .50 US ).  


On the other hand, the company DID rush thru a vote on doing a reverse split.  Why did they do this so early and not just wait till the AGM like they have in the past?  Did they expect better share price action for some reason?  If they did, then I don't think they are listening to investors.  It has basically been a mantra for years now "we need big names, and dollars to move this stock" no amount of technical info is going to do it.  


If you have been here for even a small fraction of time, you obviously beleive that the tech is solid.  You are certainly not here for the sizzle, since the rest of the market is literally on fire (100% gains in a day for meme stocks!) Yet we show measured growth relatively.  I hate to say it but we could use a bit more sizzle right now, and management is not focused that.  Some would argue that it's good they aren't, I would argue that a public company has to be able to do both, the science and the PR as both are equally important.  Lots of examples of solid tech that could not promote itself, that ends up swallowed by a bigger fish for pennies.  Time to multi task, or hire a petter PR firm or whatever, but this is not a good excuse.



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