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Message: $2.5 million for the OI platform

There are some repetitive negative Nancy's here for sure Rick. Ad nauseum, same blah blah blah 10 years ago....Yada Yada Yada. I've been here awhile (2014 - only 1 business pivot) but unlike some others here I'm grateful for where we are and not languishing in our past.

We are soooo lucky that somehow Ajit (how did Copetti do it?) came on the scene and got us Suresh and he pivoted us by some miracle to the OI. Then he hired some great people to get us to where we are. That financing hurt oh so badly but somehow we have weathered it all. Not only are we still whole, but we are actually on the verge of greatness with a bunch of money to carry us forward (but yes, we have a lot of shares).  Of course things could always be better, but why are so many disgruntled shareholders/posters hellbent on spewing such garbage on this forum day after day after day?! The best part is that most of these posters don't actually contribute DD, only nonconstructive criticism. 

From what I can tell we are the point of pure faith that management (yes the exceptional engineers not public speakers) has been working tirelessly through pandemic and supply Armageddon to deliver the goods that is the OI. We have come so far, and we are so close (I think and hope) yet if you read the board you would be hard pressed to come to come to that conclusion. If C.AI or fairchi or a select few others left this board we would be a pretty sad and pathetic bullboard. I understand the frustrations (I really do, 7 years is a lot) of how long its took to get here and how: the price cant seem to gain any sustained traction, or how our CFO says some rather drab things at odd times. Take solace in the CVS of our leaders, the partnerships they've created and most importantly the technology that they have incubated. Try to bite your tongues for the duration of this year and let's see what happens.

Maybe some people really need to take some time off the board and let's the chips fall where they lay. Its out of your hands anyway! You put up (bought shares, debentures, Warrants)  now shut up. Focus on DD and not quarterback CEO/CFO/etc.

Just a two cent rant from a guy way overinvested in what is becoming less and less of a moonshot play as time goes on.




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