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Hello Mr Mooreslaw 

Instead of responding to your pm I will post my answer here.
The biggest issue facing shareholders is the lack of information we have.  We have been told countless times to expect certain things that never seem to materialize.  That can only lead to a lack of trust, belief and most importantly......accountability. And of course,  selling.
If I were the CEO of poet technologies and I made a public statement advising to 'expect others to follow exercising warrants' out of the money, then it better happen! 
And if it doesn't,  there needs to be accountability for making Suresh look foolish (which he clearly is not) to his shareholders. 
What we as a collective group need to remember is, currently,  retail shareholders own this company.
Despite being assured that institutional funds were waiting for us on the Nasdaq, and we would be entering from a positionof strength, clearly this was misread by the uplist committee. Which we also know nothing about.  
The AGM is on October 14th with proxy voting closing on Oct 12th.  I would ask that all retail shareholders give the company until Oct 11th to either update us or provide us with news that will propel this sp at least to an area where we uplisted. 
If that does not happen, our collective slack group (or disruptors as had been alleged before ) will not be voting for expanding the BOD nor will we support any current BOD.  
I have sat on two BOD including Chairing subcommittees and have extensive experience and training.  I mention this as I am in the process of working with others to nominate a retail shareholder to the BOD so that we are properly represented.  
And yes, this is completely within our rights as shareholders (and no, I am not talking about nominating me).
In closing I would ask that if we get to the point of needing to nominate a retail shareholder to the BOD,  that you all support this.  I would absolutely provide detailed information if we get to that point. 
And in closing I would like to ask Suresh what his thought are in regards to this incredibly vulnerable and weak position we are currently in and if this is where he saw himself entering into Q4 of 2022?  
And if not, then there is responsibility within the company that needs to be held accountable.  Please, hold those that are responsible accountable, as is your duty. 
The best way to run any company is lead from the front, and others will follow. 
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