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Message: POII and the imaging modality

LRWhite, I had a little time, but not the desire other than you having piqued my curiosity.

I stopped going to IHUB because it is a site that has had numerous complaints and is "controlled" by a delusional individual (Pittboss/Nottanewid). He has full time to spend on RRHI/MBMI and has an agenda of deceit and fabrication. It hurts to see his intro that has been proven incorrect, but remains.

He was kicked off this site for the same reasons. IHUB makes its money on volume of posts and really does not care what is factual. As RRHI/MBMI starts making money I would not be surprised to see the intro come down and/or a lawsuit filed. I know at this time the executives of RRHI/MBMI are too busy to take notice or be concerned over a person just seeking attention because he had a life that had none.

Pittboss is retired ex-military with no business experience or knowledge. Does he think he is right and just delusional or does he have an agenda he won't admit to?

In any event I read the posts. As I said previously over on IHUB facts get overwhelmed and buried so it is useless to try and post there.

I also think the discussion on pricing is premature for such heavy activity/opinion. I expect it to be much higher when production begins.

The next few months should be interesting since everything is coming to a conclusion. I think it is quite amazing what has been accomplished in two years based on where things were.

Yahoo is a bit rediculous for my taste, but here where comments are "normal" there is very little activity.

It is nice to have a little "normal" conversation. Thank God Pittboss is banned from Agoracom!

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