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Message: Where is Fast Focus?

They droped Contact when CBC droped the ball on their drilling commitment.

RGC had to wait till the time was up to get the project back, CBC acting like a cat with a mouse it has no intention of eating.

CFM has now picked up the ball and is committed to fast tracting the Newman Todd commitment... I here they could spend most of their commitment total this year, advancing NT to a first cut on a 43 101 resource estimate if all goes well.

CFM has broker support, and placed their stock into strong hands. This is why CFM is advancing in front of RGC.... the 2 companies have almost identical fully diluted shares. This means RGC has some catching up to do.

RGC has additional projects where other peoples money is being spent..... RGC will need to watch their back or they could find themselves being taken over by their JV partner...JMHO

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