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Top-Line Primary Endpoint Results for Phase 3 BETonMACE Cardio Outcomes Trial were Announced September 30th ****Detailed Trial Data to be Presented at AHA Late Breaking Session Nov 16th & Company Webcast Nov 18th******

Message: "Later this quarter we'll announce some orphan indications that we'll be going..

that we'll be going after as well....."

That was said publicly on BNN on April 22, 2015. To say nothing of similar statements publicly available on that Richmond Club website.

The PPS that day hit a high of $2.96 on volume of around 1 million shares. That's almost a 30% drop from the high that day to today's close. And volumes haven't returned to that level since.

Which is fine....to a point. If DM had made good on that material fact, following through on his commmitment....and if the market had yawned and said "so what" dropping RVX 30 or so percent, then I wouldn't have a bitch.

What I'd like to know is were there some parties dumping on that day....perhaps knowing that there was never going to be an orphan indication announced. When I was anticipating the announcement some here seemed to know already that it wasn't coming.

Perhaps there's a legal firm that does contingency based work that will want to give it a look.

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