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Phase 3 BETonMACE Trial is Now Completed. Cognition and CKD Sub-Study Results to be Announced Soon.

Message: Three Great Posts on Investor Village

General wrote: "If RVX already had a safey analysis then there is some/alot of data already out there. At this point in the trial we have enough data, about 10months worth on about 600+ people (about 1/3 of the est total enrollment) that we should conclusively be able to determine whether this is working as intended or not. I think they've pubilshed a draft graph which shows the RRR beginning to really diverge from the control population and the dosed population after 5-6 month from post-hoc analysis from ASSERT and SUSTAIN and ASSURE. i would think this would be enough to re-risk this for BP to swoop in and scoop us up for $6B!"

General, you do realize that Resverlogix, the clinical steering committee, and all investigators remain blinded to the actual BETonMACE safety and efficacy results, don't you?

"is the corporate re-org set up to accommodate if BP wants to buy only say Zen-3694 and spin out the rest of the molecules? is the corporate structure at RVX set up to accommodate if BP only wants to buy RVX-208 and leave our newly announced 7 follow on molecules in RVX or RVX-spin out?"

Sounds like you described SanFran's Star Factory analogy for both companies spot on.

"While they are related - same BET technology and BOD and mgmt - shouldn't any activity relating to Zenith NOT have any affect on RVX?"

I personally think that during these emerging times for BET inhibitors, that a breakthrough or failure for any company with a BET inhibitor in clinical trials will have a butterfly/ripple effect on other companies with these same class of inhibitors. Resverlogix and Zenith are entirely based upon BET inhibitors, as opposed to BET inhibitors being one of several classes of compounds in a company's tool box. Therefore, Resverlogix and/or Zenith having positive trial results (and possibly deals being inked) will be a testament to these companies being leaders in the field, will validate their platforms and will instill confidence in management and the clinical trial teams. In other words, one company carving out its claim as leader in the BET inhibitor field will buoy the other company since they are related. Are there any other companies that you know of that are exclusively BET inhibitor companies? High-risk, high-reward.

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