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Tartisan Resources Corp. to Acquire Canadian Arrow Mines Limited


  • Tartisan will acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Canadian Arrow Mines Limited by way of a court-approved plan of arrangement
  • Tartisan would issue to Canadian Arrow Mines Limited shareholders one common share of Tartisan for every 17.5 common shares of Canadian Arrow, resulting in the issuance of approximately 8,000,000 common shares of Tartisan


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Message: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I for one expect the licesnsing/partnership deal to come to fruition....100%.  The reason I have that expectation is because DM has never hidden behind forward looking, and therefore safe harbour protected, language.  He has never said "we expect/anticipate/hope.....it has always been "will".  To my ears that is a material statement of fact.  

Does that mean that something unexpected couldn't come up to derail such eventuality?  No.....but I think it would take an event beyond reasonable expectation.  In law its called the "reasonable man's standard".  I believe that a licensing deal is a slam dunk barring something that a reasonable man could not be expected to anticipate.

I wonder if its now "reasonable person's standard?

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