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Message: AGM 2018 - Masila Notes

DND - I can only speak for myself but here is the way I saw that comment in context at the time it came out. First and foremost, all patients were on standard of care which was Lipitor or Crestor plus whatever else the Drs in those clinics scripted for those patients "standard of care". The only difference now is ABL or a sugar pill which they don't have any idea of whether they were in the treated group or placebo group as this was a blinded trial. These patients didn't know each other that we know of so how much communication was there between trial candidates? Not much if any would be my guess. So from that perspective why would a patient who is getting the standard of care, at someone else's cost even consider not continuing with the trial. They were all getting the standard of care and half we hope, were getting something better in the form of ABL. Many of the patients were expected to have additional events, which is normal for this group of patients that have recently had an event. Heck if you were in this trial and had the choice of continuing or stopping standard and knowing that stopping it would increase the chances of you having another event, what would you do? I know my answer.

The comment that all patients chose to continue the trial did not surprise me in the least.


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