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Message: What if

No problem RVXoldtimer. Like most on this board, I'm not too worried about the aminotransferase issue. However, I do feel it is important for all here to be armed with enough detailed info on this subject to be ready to come to the defense when the bashers come. Between the time period of end of dosing and top-line, and especially between top-line and full data, I expect more attention. Once more attention is on Resverlogix and BETonMACE, it won't all be good attention. There will be some folks out there taking swings at Resverlogix/BETonMACE/apabetalone. Once full data is presented, all the cards should be on the table in terms of safety. But until that time, don't be surprised if the haters start hating on this. It's just par for the course. All just my opinion.


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