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Message: Strange dream last night....

Years back, in 2014 I think....I had a dream that I was selling Regal Cards and gifts in a neighborhood of large expensive homes, I used to sell out of Regal's catologue when I was 12 and 13.  Upon waking I equated the dream to being about Regal Lifestyles Corp, a stock I owned....a few weeks later the company was sold at about a 40% premium to its then PPS of around $8.  

I know this sounds flakey, but its looking like another nothingburger day so what the heck.

Last night's dream was even weirder. 

I dreamt that I was taken prisoner, but I went willingly....I was taken in a car and we drove into an underground complex, down one of those circular type roads going lower and lower, about 3 times....passing through manned security gates on the way down but each time we were waved through.  

When we got to the bottom I was let out and that's when it fully sunk in that I was trapped, even though we'd be driving underground the place I found myself in was in the open air...the illussion of freedom, and it was cold.  The guy who'd taken me down showed me a place where a tarp like material was imbedded in the ground, I was told that I could pull it up to cover myself when I slept.  All around there were armed gaurds with assault rifles, and I started scanning for ways to get out....there were ropes hanging down, hanging from what I don't know or don't remember....but I knew they were useless.

Then my father showed up, there was a house on the grounds that had automatic weapons...not hand held, but like the fixed guns on a warship.  My Dad was free, and it was like the gaurds didn't want it to look like a prison.  When he walked over to the house they moved one of the fixed guns so that he wouldn't see it....but I instinctively knew that my father knew that it was a prison, even though the gaurds didn't know that he knew....weird.  

Then my somehow got ahold of one of the rifles and gave it to me....and I pointed it at the head guy, I just knew he was the head guy, and now this weird dream gets even weirder.  The head guy was Francois Legault, Quebec's recently elected Premier.  I fired the rifle and the bullets came out super slow and just hit him lightly on the chest before falling to the ground.

Then my Dad got me out and back up to ground level and he led me into a drug store where I was supposed to buy something.  That's when I woke up.....if I hadn't woken up at that point I likely wouldn't have remembered anything.  

Like a lot of people I suspect I've had dreams that a stock I owned shot up massively in value....very specific dreams, often I'll remember the PPS it went to.  But those dreams have never come to anything.  I toss them aside, I think it was Freud who said that every dream is a wish.

This one though...like the one about selling Regal, I see it as cryptic.....like maybe the universe is talking to me.  After Regal got bought out I'd wished that I'd bought more obviously....but I didn't that time.  This time I decided to heed my dream.

For those unaware, my late Father suffered from Diabetes....and the thing about Legault, I just find it weird given that George's post about the distribution to a number of different investors, most of whom are Quebecers.  While in Panama I got into a late night conversation with some guys from France and one was waxing poetic about how we're all prisoners....and I chimed in that I agreed, saying that the freedom we have is an illusion of freedom.  

Anyway that's enough flakiness from me....


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