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Message: The last I'm going to say on this garbage....

I've shared the content of tada's messages with me, so here's what I think happened.  

Either tada himself, or another person or persons using him....they gave him some information about some big investors supposedly being forced to sell.  Tada claims he's got something of an inside track with his source....asks me not to share this "on the board".  Maybe he and his friends  are hoping I'll share it via more PMs, or with some on this board I've met in person with or those who've I spoken by phone with.....manipulators in my experience love the shadows.  

Nope...I'm not comfortable with people sharing info with me that's not in the public domain, especially people I don't know and have never met.

Not kewl from a hub leader or anyone else to make claims about sources feeding them "good information" that isn't in the public domain....and doling it out to select members of this forum. 

Now we have iconoclast's message as well, supposedly telling us the company emailed him something similar...that some share holders have been forced to sell.....only difference is tada's messages indicate its something that might happen in the future, while iconoclast's indicated its something that already happened.

I'm tapping out of this little Peyton Place for a while.....but again, anyone sharing "hush hush" information with me from now on, you know what to expect....don't share something in the shadows unless you expect me to shed light on it.  



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