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Message: New Share Price Contest update to midnight Oct 30th 2019






The guesses up to midnight MDT Oct 30th are below. This is just a fun little way to pass the time until the Full results of BETonMACE are announced on Nov 16th. The winner of our previous contest was DNDStocks at $3.71.


The contest is open to anyone, and final guesses will be accepted until midnight MDT on October 30 2019. That's just 13 hours before the AGM starts. The winner will be determined by having the closest share price guess to the closing price of the RVX shares listed on the TSX at the close of market on Nov 19 2019. That is the second trading day after the Full Trial Data had been released to the world.


jbuffett62                     $35.82


Shon                            $24.00


Cottonmouth                $22.30


fuzzyjr                          $22.00


Stock2740                    $20.00


Polar one                      $18.50


DebKCardsPA               $18.00


65jaoya                         $17.00


ssp                                $17.00


tada                              $16.00


Mazola                         $15.00


golfyeti                          $11.00


quest13                         $10.45


Cabel                             $10.00


duke222                        $9.19


sidebar                           $9.00


Cards2019                     $8.45


sumpup                          $7.30


paladin                           $6.34


slewis7000                     $6.33


BearDownAZ                 $6.30


BikerMike                       $5.72


dadeo                            $5.18


iconoclast                      $5.00


Buckeyes                       $4.50


Trudeau must go           $4.28


Nextblockbuster             $3.85


Carman2                            $3.80


growacet                        $3.50


masila                            $3.43


chicagoest                     $3.33


jonzobot                         $3.21


10BagR                          $3.11


GeorgeParros                $2.54


DNDStocks                     $1.88


Imtesty                             $1.50


Albertaclipper                 $1.25


KOO-KOO 2                   $1.00


These are the guesses up until midnight Oct 30th.


Good luck to all 38 players. The winner gets bragging rights for as long as they want.




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