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Message: CTAD Poster - as posted 12/07/2019

"Presumably means this publication by Wasiak et al. listed on webcast slide 12 as 'under review' has now been accepted for publication in a journal (although perhaps it is just the poster that was under review for a conference poster session)."

Two completely different studies. The only commonality between the CTAD poster "Epigenetic Modulator Apabetalone Inhibits Monocyte Adhesion To Brain Endothelial Cells By Downregulating Key Neuroinflammation Markers In Vitro And In Vivo" and the paper under review "Apabetalone reduces markers of systemic inflammation including acute phase reactants" mentioned on slide 12 is that S. Wasiak is the first author on each. The under review paper is a publication submitted to a peer reviewed journal, not referring to a conference abstract presentation.


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