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Message: Musings

It's funny.

The webcast was clearly intended to address the share price spiral that engulfed this company last week. Partly successful, I'd say. There were loud voices on here last week calling for Don's head and complaining of a severe lack of communication. To them I say:

- Don has said his piece, and like I said before, he's already disclosed all he can so far. Anything else is only reassurance, speculation, and forward looking statements. You should make your decisions on the hard facts that have not changed since the last NR's in February/March and the Youtube video shortly thereafter. Why are you assured only now?

- Don has expertise and familiarity that only comes with day-to-day babysitting and guidance for 20 years, has a rapport and relationship with interested parties, knows what he's got and what he doesn't, and is on the 1 yard line to close something major. Firing him now is insane now, and was insane last week.

- This stock was supposed to be a binary play in 2013. Somehow, it survived and somehow, we got a phase 3 trial out of those ashes. This was supposed to be a binary event in 2019. Somehow, we're still here. The cardinal rule of investing in speculative spec biotech: only put in what you can afford and are willing to lose.

- those that were finding themselves overly anxious because of the stock price last week (or now), ask yourself if you have violated this cardinal rule.

- Every single person should consider selling once the stock reaches some point (even at a loss) that would mean they wouldn't lose their shirt otherwise if the stock went to zero.

- If the stock goes up, look back at your past posts and consider if you are still over-valued, even if in a profit position.

- Don isn't in control of the market, and has limited sway!

- The TSX sucks

- Games could be played by houses with large positions, by ORI or other hedge funds, or even anonymous posters to try to get the stock in a place that is most advantageous to them.

My love to you all.

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