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Message: Musings

I agree with you Jonzo. He played correctly the cards he's been delt with.


- He can't talk about FDA

- He can't talk about Partnerships

- He can't talk about buyout discussions

- He can't name and bash the hedgefund

- He doest have a dime in the companys bank account

- The best tidbit of results were already disclosed (Renal and SGLT2)

- COVID is a longshot and takes time.


So basically, the question we have to ask ourselves is :what do you think is worth a post, failed,  phase 3 drug, with BTD, in a large critical unmet need?

150M CAD like the TSX showing right now? No way. Lets all go to sleep with our lottery tickets and wake up when FDA/BP/RVX deal is done.

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