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NFL Alumni Academy and ImagineAR Sign 5 Year Partnership Agreement

  • Announced the signing of a 5 year agreement with the NFL Alumni Association Academy to provide its Augmented Reality Platform for the launch of their new NFLA mobile interactive products
  • Agreement provides for equal program revenue sharing over the 5-year term
  • Partnership Kick-off for NFL Alumni Academy Activation in Canton, Ohio
  • ImagineAR’s technology will be featured in a docuseries about the Academy that begins production on September 28th

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Message: After reading today's posts....

As a long time shareholder who goes back to the days of our beloved African Green Monkey, reading through all of these posts and feeling the frustration of others just fuels my frustration! AARGH!!!

All this because of the narrowest of misses on BetonMace!

GOTTA GOTTA think that any product that gives you a 60% plus Relative Risk Reduction over anything on the market right now would be a no-brainer for Big Pharma, so in a way - given all the talk from Don how he has been talking to the big boys over the years - you really have to wonder that a year or so later we are down below a buck and appear to look like a leper to everybody else!

So Don, if you can't get that final committment, pass the torch to a high powered CEO with an established track record. Pay the guy $25,000,000 a year. Well worth it if he can tap his connections and get the recognition this stock SHOULD have at this stage. And, for the guys who shudder at the thought of shelling out $25,000,000, I see it as peanuts if he can get us up to at least the $7-$8 billion capitalization that other companies have received from their Breakthrough Therapy Designation.

At that point, it may be sayonara, as a few more years on this bullboard feeling the pain of others might put me in a senior's home way too early!

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