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Message: Thoughts?

Tada - 

Here is a more recent one. March 2021. We are among those mentioned here too.

This article also mentions those same highly selective compounds as the beginning post of this thread, and more.

If memory serves, the ones with the poor safety profiles were the first generation, the pan inhibitors like JQ1. 

The next generation more highly selective compounds mentioned, like ABBV 744 to name just one, seem to have  both higher selectivity and good safety profiles. Not all are being evaluated for the same indications at this time. And we may be a little ahead. Theoretically they could be though.

I absolutely want us to still have a solid place in all this. Just trying to piece together the whole picture. 

Don has noted a whole suite of more selective RVX and ZEN candidate compounds in past, but nothing much seems to have come of them.

Anyway here is the article, in Nature. 



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