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Message: Undervalued??

I can reply somewhat to your queries Aliblabla. Like your handle by the way....:)

I was into Run several years ago and like an ice berg, the smallest part is above sea level while below it generally widens out. The volume increases.

Run is a bit like that. When I first bought in, I found that they have a section for development of new and better tools and equipments etc... Around 2006 or7, I forget, Run invented, patented, and developed an piece of equipment for drill rigs. My mind is hazy but it fits on virtually any oil well, reduces emissions, inexpensive and was said to boost output. Of course the bottom fell out of the market for them but they must still have that section of their company unless they have splintered it off.

Run is a nice solid company else I would never buy back in and I know I will make some money here as well. Very well run and like you say, no promotion to speak of.

There is something else I found interesting and ingenious. Around the time the economy hit, RUN managed to get their hands on some government documents that showed all of the properties and rill results. Wit this book, RUN could go to another company and sell the information from their land Or they could trade the information.

It is my firm belief that this book of information has enabled RUN to pick up some good property for themselves as well.

All of this is from memory which farts a lot. So many plays I get them mixed up so I graciously accept any corrections.

RUN is one of the most undervalued stocks on the boards. I have seen several plays with nada buy some property beside or near a strike just to watch their sp run up to 4 or 5 times it's worth while great plays like RUN? I think by the end of summer everyone will know undervalued RUN.



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