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“Regenerative medicine research translates fundamental knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics into materials, devices, systems and a variety of therapeutic strategies, which augment, repair, replace or regenerate organs and tissue.

Cell-based therapies represent the most mature sub-sector of regenerative medicine, and at this point, hundreds of thousands of patients around the world have been treated with these therapies. As the standard-of-care has now evolved to include FDA approved cell therapies, new frontiers are also opening. Exciting breakthroughs in cell-based immune therapy and gene therapy have opened new avenues to transform patient care.

The promise of our field is to deliver cost-effective, lifesaving or life-enhancing medicines which target the underlying disease, rather than the symptoms.

The majority of regenerative medicine companies are therapeutically focused and developing a variety of technologies including cell-based therapies, small molecule and biologic based therapies, gene therapies, tissue-engineered biomaterials and scaffolds and implantable devices.

The second largest group of regenerative medicine companies are developing tools such as stem cells for drug discovery and toxicity testing, as well as clinical tools, bio-processing tools and platforms that include equipment, consumables, reagents and storage systems to support commercialization and clinical applications.

Large pharmaceutical and large–cap biotech companies are closely monitoring both preclinical and clinical stage technologies and 40% of these companies are in active pursuit of therapeutic opportunities. In addition to having some level of investment in the industry, a recurring message that echoes throughout the industry is that big pharma does not want to miss this opportunity; they are monitoring the space diligently and methodically assessing the key questions to commercialize and bring these products to market.” anon


What is truly required to take these discoveries to the market?

With all the recent media coverage regarding these amazing discoveries and small to mid-size biotech companies quickly jumping into the regenerative medicine field hoping to take advantage of the enormous opportunities, Sernova Corp (TSX.V – SVA)) has been steadily and diligently working, since 2009, developing and testing its products for regenerative medicine in preparation for this wave of discoveries.

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