BREAKING: Kontrol Receives Approval for Government Grant to Accelerate the Development of New COVID-19 Testing Technology

  • Received approval for an initial government grant of $50,000 from the National Research Council of Canada to accelerate its new Covid-19 testing technology, the Kontrol BioCloud® analyzer
  • Kontrol is developing a new technology designed to detect and alert for COVID-19, in real-time, through rapid on-site air sampling and detection of aerosol and droplet encapsulated viruses in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Kontrol has developed its initial prototype and has commenced lab testing of the detection chamber
  • The lab will spend the next 4 weeks testing the detection chamber and the applicable interactions with COVID-19

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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release


SideNote: I've been aware (for decades) of this politcal game that is played out on the American stage using smoke & Mirrors to decieve Joe-Six-Pac. This why I don't pay any real attention to the rhetoric from any of the politcal parties on Capital Hill. I look at what is constitutional and what is not to tell me who is lying. But the constitution is being shreaded more-and-more each year. And the intensity of the rhetoric has increased since trump took office, and that has me very concerned for the freedom and well being of my/our future.  GRIM


The Most Interesting Man in the World: Two Faces on the Same Coin
February 2, 2019

Presidential elections are planned distractions

To divert attention from the action behind the scenes

Like a game of chess when the house is a mess

Or a petty money squabble when your marriage is in trouble

Or a football game when there’s rioting in the streets

It’s just another movie, another song and dance

Another poor sucker who never had a chance

– Timbuk3. “Just Another Movie”, Greetings From Timbuk3 (1986), Mamdadaddi Music/I.R.S. Music, Inc. admin. by Atlantic Music

Before the big game there’s a coin toss and by the luck of the draw, decisions are made even before the teams take the field. It is the same for politics with, perhaps, the exception of luck having anything to do with the outcomes.  Regardless, the games play on our screens and we passively watch; anxiously waiting to see what happens.

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