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Acquired Market Leading Digital Entertainment Company Darkhorse Films Limited

Message: VIDEO - SoLVBL $10M Acquisition Of Darkhorse Films Creates Leading Blockchain Film Company With Cybersecurity Protection And 3 Gripping Films On Tap

VIDEO - SoLVBL $10M Acquisition Of Darkhorse Films Creates Leading Blockchain Film Company With Cybersecurity Protection And 3 Gripping Films On Tap

posted on Oct 25, 2022 08:01PM

If you’re a fan of films, especially crime films, the advent of blockchain & NFTs as a new method of financing and producing them and disruptive small cap companies, then hold on to your chair for this story of life imitating art.

Darkhorse Films is a UK blockchain digital entertainment & e-commerce business whose upcoming production slate includes 3 films telling the stories of some pretty notorious criminals, all of whom needed protection from other criminal elements in order to flourish their criminal enterprises.


The crazy twist in cinematic irony comes in with Darkhorse Films being acquired by a cybersecurity company (SoLVBL $SOLV) that provides immutable data authentication using advanced cryptography to protect both its films and digital assets used in the production of their films.  Given the amount of Web3 fraud committed by hackers and wallet thieves in 2023, this crazy level of irony would have made even the great William Shakespeare stand up and applaud.

But in a final twist of fate, if you think the story ends there, you’re wrong ….. it’s only the beginning as $SOLV and Darkhorse embark on an ambitious journey to create NFT powered, secure blockchain films of their own, as well as, take their technology stack to filmmakers around the world who have not been able to penetrate the traditional studio system.

More than just lip service, acclaimed UK actor and film producer Terry Stone said:

"FilmCoin is undoubtedly the most exciting project I've been involved with; I'm the First Film Producer in History to be making a slate of films entirely funded via a form of cryptocurrency and digital assets such as NFT's.,


Unlike a lot of the fluff that has tended to surround the Web3 world of blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and digital assets in 2022, the terms of this deal tell any astute investor it is as serious as the very plot lines of Darkhorses’ films and the $SOLV cybersecurity systems protecting them, the highlights of which are as follows:

  • $10.15 Million Acquisition Price Of Darkhorse Films
  • $SOLV Shares For Acquisition Are Priced At 217% Premium To Market
  • Darkhorse To Own 43% Of $SOLV
  • Cash Portion Of Purchase Price Requires
    • $1M Payable If Company Raises $4M Within 12 Months
    • $1.5M Payable If Additional $6M Raised Within 24 Months

Kaiser Akbar, CEO of SoLVBL stated:

We believe that this acquisition is an exceptional first step to gaining a foothold in the European and North American cyber security markets. This acquisition almost doubles the size of our technology team, allowing us to on-board new customers quickly and efficiently, and will allow us to generate revenue expeditiously

As you can probably begin to guess, one of the main purposes of this deal is to: 

  • Expand the SoLVBL suite of digital products, monetise its technology and to use its Q by SoLVBLTM flagship cybersecurity technology within new business verticals
  • Generate potentially lucrative revenue stream in film, content production & film distribution markets


You wouldn’t be a true movie fan and investor if you didn’t want to hear about this amazing line up for 2022 / 2023 so take a look at this:

1.  Tales From The Trap

  • UK film produced by Terry Stone. Tells the story of a rising star in the UK Rap & Drill Music Scenes whose friendship is tested to the limit as rival gangs, bent coppers, older drillers and dealers try to muscle their way in.
  • First-Ever Film To Be Fully Funded By Cryptocurrency 

2.  Requiem For A King

  • The Rise and Fall of The Shah of Iran
  • Written & Directed by the Oscar Winning Guy Nativ.

3.  King Of Crime: 

  • The Story Of One Of World's Greatest Criminals All Time, John Palmer.

If you’are as gripped as we are, the sit back and watch this powerful interview with 3 members of this new great team!


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