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Message: 2015

New to Agoracom, been reading POET forum for past six months,very exciting,Enjoy your posts on POET forum.What happened with SPVNF and you? Do you think CY (cypress semiconductor) has the market in USB type C or do you think that SPVNF Is a good buy based on there VR sector?I do not think VR will pick up untill late 2016 based on the fact VR needs better technologie to make It a comercial product that everyone will have In there house. New to investing and learning how companys work within the market, learned alot so far with POET and how warrents are excercised and how movment happens with news, very interesting stuff.

I find I love to research individual companies and seems like if you can get your research

down to a science theres alot of money to be made In finding small cap companies that have a niche in futur tech that will creat products that everyone will want to by IE POET Technologies.

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