Message: Ubique Kicks Off On-Site Exploration at Expanded Daniel’s Harbour Zinc Project

Ubique Minerals Limited (CSE: UBQ, FRA: 2UM) is embarking on an ambitious journey of on-site exploration at its expanded Daniel's Harbour zinc project, marking a significant milestone in the company's quest to unlock the full potential of this zinc-rich resource.

The strategic move involves a comprehensive review of the project and property-wide surveys to gain deeper insights into the multiple zinc deposits hinted at by previous explorations. This endeavor comes on the heels of Ubique's acquisition of a 100% interest in mineral claims previously optioned from Ophir Gold Corp, solidifying its property position in Daniel's Harbour. Moreover, the company has expanded its footprint by staking new Mineral Licenses, effectively extending its contiguous property for nearly 20 kilometers along the zinc deposit strike.

To execute this ambitious endeavor, Ubique has enlisted the services of a specialized contractor to conduct additional geochemical surveys, particularly in previously unmapped areas. These surveys will complement existing data, helping create an integrated geological map that pinpoints zinc-associated features. This map will be invaluable in identifying prime targets for potential open-pit mining operations.

One of the noteworthy aspects of this project is its strategic location. With a paved road providing direct access to the property and well-maintained gravel roads facilitating navigation across the entire site, logistics are optimized for efficient exploration and future development.

The Daniel's Harbour project is particularly promising, as it spans both the past-producing high-grade zinc mine area and extensions of favorable zones. Exploration efforts have already confirmed the presence of three zinc deposits, with indications of two more awaiting further definition drilling. Ubique's meticulous approach involves relocating and conducting additional drilling in areas marked by historic drill holes, which could potentially extend the resource boundaries across multiple blocks of claims.

Vilhjalmur Thor Vilhjalmsson, speaking on behalf of Ubique, emphasized the company's commitment to gaining a holistic understanding of this historically productive zinc region. Given its past track record of successful zinc mining from 1975 to 1990, Ubique is optimistic about the prospect of identifying valuable resources in the near future.

Ubique Minerals Limited, with its experienced management team and an extensive database of historic exploration results from the Daniel's Harbour area, is poised to make significant strides in the world of zinc exploration and production. The company's dedication to this project reinforces its commitment to delivering value to shareholders and contributing to the global zinc market.

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