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Message: Ubique Completes Daniel’s Harbour Zinc Project Field Surveys and Sampling Program

Ubique Minerals Limited (CSE: UBQ, FRA: 2UM) proudly announces the successful completion of the field work phase for its expanded Daniel's Harbour zinc project. The company is taking significant steps towards fully realizing the potential of this zinc-rich resource, promising exciting developments for investors.

In line with its strategic expansion efforts, Ubique has consolidated multiple Mineral Licenses in the area, spanning the historic zinc mining sites and extending nearly 20 kilometers along the zinc deposit trend. This region has a remarkable history, having produced nearly eight million tons of high-grade sphaleritic ore with an impressive average zinc grade of nearly 8% during operations from 1975 to 1990.

To enhance its understanding of the potential zinc deposits, Ubique enlisted the expertise of a contractor who conducted comprehensive geochemical surveys in previously uncharted areas. The goal was to connect these surveys with existing data, particularly where anomalies remained unexplored. Simultaneously, Ubique's geologists delved into historical reports and geological features. This data is currently being integrated into a comprehensive geological map, highlighting key features associated with zinc deposits.

What makes this project even more promising is its optimal location. With a paved road offering direct access and well-maintained gravel roads facilitating easy navigation across the entire site, Ubique is well-positioned for efficient exploration and potential future development. The newly collected geochemical data and geologic interpretations will play a crucial role in identifying prime target areas for potential open-pit mining operations.

Ubique Minerals is dedicated to maximizing the value of its resource assets and delivering substantial benefits to shareholders. This significant progress in the Daniel's Harbour zinc project is a testament to the company's commitment to advancing mineral exploration and production, and its potential to contribute to the global zinc market. Investors are invited to stay tuned for more exciting developments as Ubique Minerals continues to ride the zinc wave.

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