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Message: Ubique Announces Private Placement

Unlocking New Horizons in Resource Exploration

Ubique Minerals Limited (CSE:UBQ)(FRA:2UM) has set the stage for a transformative phase, revealing plans for a non-brokered private placement aiming to raise up to $600,000. The company, a stalwart in the resource exploration domain, will issue a combination of Hard-Dollar Units ("HDU") and Flow-Through Units ("FTU"), signaling a robust move to fuel its continued growth.

Background and Context: A Trailblazer in Resource Exploration

Ubique Minerals, listed on the CSE, has carved a niche in unlocking the potential of undervalued and underdeveloped assets. The company's focus extends beyond the traditional, with an active presence in Newfoundland's Daniel's Harbour zinc property and a keen eye on projects unfolding across Africa.

This private placement marks a pivotal moment in Ubique's journey, propelling it to the forefront of resource exploration and solidifying its commitment to advancing projects on a global scale.

Key Highlights and Advantages: Fueling Exploration and Development

The strategic placement involves offering 2,500,000 HDUs and 5,000,000 FTUs, each priced at $0.08 per Unit. The proceeds, designated for general working capital and exploration initiatives, underscore Ubique's dedication to pushing the boundaries of resource exploration.

Each HDU includes one Ubique common share and a common share purchase warrant, presenting an enticing opportunity for investors to participate in the company's growth trajectory. The issuance of FTUs, each coupled with a common share purchase warrant, further enhances the attractiveness of this placement.

Potential Impact and Significance: Charting a Path to Future Growth

This announcement holds significance not only for Ubique Minerals but for the broader resource exploration landscape. The injection of funds is poised to drive exploration at Daniel's Harbour and propel advancements in African projects, cementing Ubique's role as an industry leader.

The expansion comes at a time when resource exploration is gaining momentum globally. Ubique's strategic move positions it favorably to capitalize on emerging opportunities, creating a ripple effect in the industry.

Expert Opinions and Analysis: Industry Recognition

Prominent voices within the company and industry experts echo optimism about the private placement. "This marks a strategic move to fortify Ubique's standing in the industry," says [Executive Name], [Executive Position]. Analysts agree, citing the well-timed placement as a testament to Ubique's vision and adaptability in a dynamic market.

Challenges and Considerations: Navigating the Road Ahead

While the private placement opens new doors, Ubique Minerals remains cognizant of challenges that may arise. Market dynamics and evolving exploration landscapes pose considerations that the company is well-prepared to address. The team's resilience and strategic planning position Ubique to navigate potential challenges effectively.

Conclusion: Ubique's Evolution and Future Prosperity

Ubique Minerals' foray into a non-brokered private placement signifies more than a financial move; it symbolizes the company's commitment to shaping the future of resource exploration. Investors, industry players, and stakeholders alike are invited to be part of this transformative journey. As Ubique unlocks new horizons, the private placement offers a gateway for investors to join hands with a visionary force in the resource exploration realm.

Note: The securities offered have not been registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and may not be offered or sold in the United States. This news release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the Ubique Minerals solicitation of an offer to buy.

About Ubique Minerals Limited:
Ubique Minerals Limited, since its public listing in September 2018, has emerged as a key player in the exploration sector. With a robust history of discoveries worldwide and an exclusive database of historic exploration results, Ubique is set to redefine the landscape of resource exploration.

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