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Message: did anybody see this

did anybody see this

posted on Mar 31, 2009 06:29AM
From the Desk of Tim Fields, Editor, Untapped Wealth

Unbridled Energy Corp

~ Stock symbol UNEFF on the OTC.BB, and UNE on the TSX.V ~

The Market has mistakenly valued this gas shale
company at $5 million. when it's sitting on over 2
trillion cubic feet of gas in place

…Unbelievably, Shares are under 20 cents!

Dear Fellow Investor:

This one's huge. Unbridled Energy Corp, is sitting on over 2 Trillion cubic feet of gas in place, and its shares are selling under 20 cents. Yes, twenty cents!

How is that possible? Market disarray!

You see, before the company could complete all of its test wells and evaluations - and then get their assets booked -- the global recession hit, the stock market plunged, and energy prices took a dive.

That's when Wall Street pushed Unbridled Energy Corp shares way down, thinking the company was worth just $5 to $10 million.

The company is already in the process of field operations that could result in the booking of an enormous amount of reserves, at which point Wall Street will be forced to revalue the company.

Remember, Unbridled Energy Corp has over 2 Trillion cubic feet of gas in place as we speak.

And that's not half the story.

The Unbridled Team is made up of some of the top gas shale experts in North America. The same guys involved in the biggest shale finds in America - the Barnett, the Woodford, the Lower Huron, the Fayetteville, and the Marcellus.

It's like this - one of the "best shale teams in the industry" recently formed a new company - Unbridled Energy Corp - then went out and hand-picked 57,000 gross acres in some of the biggest gas shale basins in North America.

As you can imagine, they knew exactly where to look!

Now they're in "first mover" position in a new shale play located at North America's potentially newest "SUPER GIANT GAS FIELD."

. a shale trend SUBSTANTIALLY BIGGER than the Barnett shale in Texas (so far the biggest gas producing field in America, likely worth $60 billion).

There's more to this amazing story.

Under President Obama's leadership, the U.S. is now committed to getting off foreign oil. And as T. Boone Pickens has pointed out, the only way to achieve that is to rely more heavily on domestic natural gas.

In other words, we're looking at one of the top shale teams in North America, working some of the biggest gas shale trends in North America, at a time when America must replace much of its foreign oil usage with natural gas!

Already Unbridled is sitting on over 2 Trillion cubic feet of gas in place.

So please read the enclosed report on Unbridled Energy, symbol UNEFF on the OTCBB and UNE on the TSX.V to see the whole story!


Tim Fields
Editor, Untapped Wealth

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