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on understanding the merger. This is from the news release:

"The share ratio under the proposed transaction represents an approximate share value equal to $1.01 per Lexam common share based on VG Gold's closing market price on September 28, 2010. This amount represents an approximate 10% premium over Lexam's Net Asset Value. The calculation of Lexam's Net Asset Value excludes the company's Baca Oil and Gas and Otish Uranium projects."

Note that VG closed at .48 on September 28.

Note that it says that Lexam's net asset value excludes the Baca Oil and Gas and Otish uranium projects.

Lexam does own 75,000,000 shares of VG.

Lexam has 48,750,000 shares outstanding (approximate)

So there are 1.538 shares VG for every LEX share.

So the ratio should be 1:1.538 or .48x1.538=.738

but I am thinking that LEX is a bit cash rich (They owned and sold off Rubicon)

LEX likely has about 10 million in the bank (just a guess) or about .205 cents per share


OK so ad the 10% premium and I guess I am in the ball park of 1.01 that they mention and can see the .48 to 1.01 or 1 to 2.1 reasoning.

Just one last problem I am having with this: Why does LEX get a 10% premium in this? Supposedly it is a merger not a takeover. JMHO.

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