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Zenith's BET Inhibitor ZEN-3694 is Currently Being Evaluated in Combo with Enzalutamide in Phase 2 Metastatic Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial and with Pfizer’s PARPi, talazoparib, in Phase 1b/2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Trial

Message: Accelerated approval

,,heyyy,,GP,,,yes,,you are correct,, I am just whinning more than anything else,,,,,,,,, however,,,,Zenith has failed to impress my investment acount,,,,,so what else is a minion to do??.... :o) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but I am confident that at some point in time perhaps even with help from my sitter in a seniors home Ill see the day that I can trade Zenith shares,,,,,,,,,,,,or atleast see a buy out........

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