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Applied Nanotech holds an extensive patent portfolio in the area of electron emission, and believes that this significant group of patents covers all carbon nanofilms, including carbon nanotubes used for electron emission applications

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Weekly: Applied Nanotech Holdings strengthens above Moving Average Price (MAP), with 50-day MAP beating its 200-day MAP

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May 28, 2011

Applied Nanotech Holdings (APNT.OTC), OTC's 2nd largest Aerospace/Defense company by market capitalisation, has strengthened above its trend. The 200-day moving average price (MAP) was 44.0c. The price to 200-day MAP ratio is 1.1, a bullish indicator. In the past 200 days this ratio has exceeded 1.1 one hundred fifty-nine times suggesting further upside. The 50-day MAP of 50.0c is higher than the 200-day MAP of 44.0c, a bullish indicator. The 200-day MAP has increased to 44.0c. An increase is another bullish indicator. The share price rose 0.50c (or 1.0%) to 48.50c in the week ending Friday May 27. Compared with the NASDAQ-100 index which fell 15.3 points (or 0.6%) in the week, this represented a relative price change of 1.7%.



Support: the support price is hovering at the 42.0c level. Volume traded at the fragile support price zone was 0.1 times average during the three occasions when the support price was breached. In the last one month the first low was at 42.0c on May 12, the next at 42.0c on May 20. The third decline halted at 42.0c on May 17.

Resistance: resistance is apparent at 53.0c. However, selling pressure at that level has been weak; volume was 0.1 times average during the two occasions when the resistance price was breached in the last one month. In the last one month the highest was at 53.0c on Apr 29, the second advance halted at 53.0c on Apr 28.


Volatility: the stock traded between an intraweek low of 43.17c and a high of 49.90c.

Volume and turnover period: there were 182,074 shares worth US$88,254 traded. The volume was 0.4 times average trading per week of 475,235 shares. The turnover rate in the 12 months to date was 20.03% (or a turnover period of 4 years 11 months).

% Discount to high: the last price is at a discount of 30.7% to the 12-month high of 70.0c.


The stock is in 2 sectors.

The stock's rise of 1.0% for the week went against the trend set by the following index and sectors (rank by percentage price change of stock for 1 week;12 months in sector/index in brackets):

Aerospace/Defense sector (rank 6;3 out of 28) which was down 13.9 points or 0.9% to 1,578.5,

NASDAQ-100 index which was down 15.3 points or 0.6% to 2,336.1,

Total OTC Market (rank 624;214 out of 4649) which was down 5.8 points or 0.3% to 1,810.2

The Aerospace/Defense company sector is the 24th largest by market capitalisation out of OTC's 28 sectors. It is made up of 28 publicly listed companies with a combined market capitalisation of US$348.2 million. In 2010 earnings for the sector grew 17.9% compared with those of 2009. The main players in the sector include Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Applied Nanotech Holdings, Butler National and Environmental Tectonics.


Bullish Signals:

- The price rose 1.0% in the last week.

Bearish Signals:

- The price plummeted 8.5% in the last month.

- Compared with the NASDAQ-100 index which fell 3.2% for the month, this represented a relative price decrease of 5.3% for the month.

- In the OTC market of traded today, the stock has a 6-month relative strength of 68 which means it has outperformed 68% of the market.

- The price to 50-day EMAP ratio is 0.98. In the past 200 days this ratio has been under 0.98 33 times suggesting downside. The 50-day EMAP has decreased to 49.72c. A decrease is another bearish indicator.


Trailing five weeks: the stock fell nine times (35% of the time), rose nine times (35% of the time), was unchanged seven times (27% of the time) and was untraded once (4% of the time). The volume was 0.5 times average trading of 2,471,221 shares. The value of US$1,000 invested five weeks ago is US$970 [vs US$983 for the NASDAQ-100 index] for a capital loss of US$30.

Trailing thirteen weeks: the stock fell twenty five times (38% of the time), rose twenty two times (33% of the time), was unchanged sixteen times (24% of the time) and was untraded three times (5% of the time). The volume was 0.6 times average trading of 6,083,005 shares. The value of US$1,000 invested thirteen weeks ago is US$933 [vs US$996 for the NASDAQ-100 index] for a capital loss of US$67.

Trailing Two Years: the value of US$1,000 invested two years ago is US$1,617 [vs US$1,666 for the NASDAQ-100 index] for a capital gain of US$617.

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Applied Nanotech Holdings vs Aerospace/Defense sector [Aerospace/Defense sector Total in Brackets]

Revenue of US$8 million[7.6% of Aggregate Sector Revenue of US$105.4 million; down from 10.6% in the previous year.]

MCap of US$57.6 million[16.5% of Aggregate Sector MCap of US$348.2 million; up from 6.8% in the previous year.]


Based on 118,772,841 issued shares the market capitalisation is US$57.6 million.


Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries are engaged in the development of products for applications using proprietary field emission technology, sensors, nanoelectronics and nanomaterials.


The last 2 snippets were:

April 27: Applied Nanotech Holdings to Present at MDB Capital's Bright Lights Conference in New York City on May 11, 2011

[News Story] NEW YORK, April 27, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:APNT) is pleased to announce its selection for the prestigious NYC Bright Lights Conference to be held on May 10 and May 11, 2011 at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City. Applied Nanotech will present at 11:00 a.m.

April 20: Applied Nanotech Launches New Solar Inks Pilot Manufacturing Line

[News Story] AUSTIN, Texas, April 20, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:APNT) is pleased to announce the official launch of its new solar inks pilot manufacturing line with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, May 6, 2011 at 2:00pm CDT at Applied Nanotech's newly extended facility.

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