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Message: Seller around

I've been watching the current seller feed in 25M lots mostly on the offer for weeks. Could this be Pinetree? There is also interested buy interest at current levels.

California for years has been anti-mining. In addition, there is some local opposition. I was the one responsible with the original idea and later adopted for Sutter Gold to start up a mining tour business which has proven successful over the years.

There is some real concern in Grass Valley how the city would be effected if the Idaho-Maryland received all permits and started to dewater the mine in preparation for mining to take place. Emgold's proposed water treatment plan has been upgraded from management's first proposal which is positive. Local residents fear that dewatering the mine would impact their wells with a possible lowering of the water table, a point well taken.

There is an additional well founded concern that truck traffic would impact the City's road conditions with increased dust. Also, folks are worried about the possible resulting impact to the environment. All these points are well taken.

If we can put a man on the moon plus current expanding technology to remedy most anything, I don't see a problem if folks want to work together for common goals in bringing this property into production.

The following is worth consideration: If the Company is permitted to open the mine, I foresee, at least, from its gold sales into an unknown time future of production of being at the minimum of $600 million. As starters, a 1% royalty of profits could be given to the City for the benefit of local residents. These funds could be used at the discretion of the City council. It could help the homeless, the senior citizens and could be used for police and fire services, public works or it could go to the school system giving our chioldren a better education.

An agreement could be reached with the company for long term planning for setting of future tourist facilities, a museum of the past and future history of the Idaho Maryland.

Somewhere in the future the mine will have exhausted its gold. After the mine is closed the City could acquire the property folowing reclamation and develope a facinating Idaho Marlandn Hotel full the Mine's history. Many other things could be done on the property to attract a great volume of increased tourism.

The bottom line first is, local resident's concerns have to be addressed. If I were president I would do my very best to bring in experts for offering remedial assurances that the environmen would be respected.

Generations that have lived in the Grass Valley area for years along with the new arrivals must come to terms that they are living in an historic mining town with gold still in the ground at the Idaho Maryland. It is very costly to bring a past producing mine back intp production. If the Idaho starts producing gold again, and not at the expense of the enviornernt, money will start circulating around town, possibly saving many businesses along with growing others.

If some folks can envision opening up the Idaho Maryland again by supporting Emgold, I see the whole experience for the City as a WIN, WIN. If gold increases in value over the years ahead, Grass Valley could be spared to some extent from the failurers of our government both at the Federal and State levels.

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