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Message: Yappn Launches Yadmark and Yaffiliate to Support Digital Widget Factory Revenue

Yappn Launches Yadmark and Yaffiliate to Support Digital Widget Factory Revenue Program
Ticker Symbol: U:YPPN

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yappn Corp. ("Yappn" or the "Company") (OTCQB: YPPN), a leader in real-time language technology, today announced that the Company has launched, in conjunction with its recently announced multilingual content network program with Digital Widget Factory ("DWF"), Yadmark Inc. ("Yadmark") and Yaffiliate Marketing Services Inc. ("Yaffiliate"). Yadmark will schedule and support DWF's revenue programs related to direct and network online advertising and Yaffiliate will schedule and support all DWF's affiliate and eCommerce partnerships.

On December 1, 2014 Yappn announced its program with DWF, estimating calendar 2015 revenue to potentially reach US$3 Million. Yappn announced in its recent 10Q filling and subsequent notes that revenues from the DWF program have commenced. The Company expects to maintain its current accelerated revenue path for this program.

"We are excited to announce the Yadmark and Yaffiliate support companies for Global Advertising and Global Affiliate Programs," stated David Lucatch, Yappn Founder and CEO, adding, "each will be instrumental in managing the multilingual engagement for our client programs in North America, Asia, Europe, Central and South America."

According to AdWeek, global ad spending will grow 6% in 2015 with the highest growth coming from mobile advertising. eMarketer has indicated that the increase is due to faster than expected growth in the advertising sectors which is now expected to outpace their previous forecasts.

Yadmark delivers targeted, localized by geography, language centric advertising units providing display marketers across mobile, portable and desktop, with the ability to reach their intended audience to create more engagement. Yadmark's ad serving platform will be a single source for global localized ad needs, with delivery based on the viewers' location and language of choice creating unique and potentially higher revenue opportunities in the online Display (CPM) ad market.

Yaffiliate focuses its services on working with brands and affiliate agencies to maximize performance based ad and revenue programs on a global scale.

Lucatch continued, "As we work together with DWF to manage and maintain DWF's multilingual eCommerce and other revenue based websites to expand their global reach we will have built a captive audience in their native language to which brands can more effectively target."

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