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NWM Mining Corporation is a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on the development of the Lluvia de Oro / La Jojoba gold mine located in Sonora in North West Mexico

Message: 2012 numbers

Revanue of $29,488,266 for the year, $7,732,103 in the fourth quarter and $3,393,813 net income. Production was 5,175 oz in fourth quarter and 19,094 oz for the year. We are pleased with 2012 results from Lluvia de Oro which was our first year of commercial production.NWM was profitable despite a significant amount of waste stripping. A reversion to lower strip ratios in subsequent quarters will assist in yielding higher profits going forward. The waste ore stripping ratio in the fourth quarter averaged 2.5:1 which was a significant decrease from the third quarter of 3.27:1. The life of mine average waste to stripping for Lluvia de Oro is expected to be closer to 1.4:1 and "profibility is expected to continualy improve" stated Chris Berlet, CEO of NWM.

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